1 /dri:m/ noun
1 ASLEEP (C) a series of thoughts, images, and feelings that you experience when you are asleep: In my dream, I was playing football with the children. | have a dream: I had a really weird dream last night. | bad dream (=frightening or unpleasant): He claims that eating cheese late at night gives him bad dreams. | recurring dream (=a dream you have again and again)
2 WISH (C) something you hope for and want to happen very much: Mike's big dream was to be a professional racing driver.
(+ of): a dream of becoming rich | dream house/car etc (=the house, car etc you really want): Three weeks in Barbados is my idea of a dream holiday. | the house/job of your dreams: I have just met the man of my dreams! | beyond your wildest dreams (=better than anything you ever imagined or hoped for)
3 UNREAL SITUATION (singular) a situation that does not seem real or part of normal life: be/seem like a dream: After a few weeks back at work our vacation seems like a dream.
4 PLEASANT THOUGHTS (countable usually singular) a set of pleasant thoughts that make you forget about what is really happening; daydream 2: Peter's lost in a dream again.
5 a dream come true something that you wanted to happen for a long time: Finding my real mother after all these years was a dream come true.
6 like a dream usually spoken extremely well or effectively: The plan worked like a dream. | go like a dream (=work perfectly): The new motorbike goes like a dream.
7 a dream usually spoken a very attractive person or thing: Her latest boyfriend is an absolute dream.
8 be/live in a dream world to have ideas or hopes that are not practical or likely to happen: If you think he'll change, you're living in a dream world.
9 in your dreams spoken used to say that something is not likely to happen: “I'm going to ask her to go out with me.” “In your dreams!”
2 verb past tense and past participle dreamed or dreamt
1 THINK ABOUT (I, T) to think about something that you would like to happen
(+ of): We dream of buying our own house. | dream (that): She dreamed that one day she would be famous. (+ about): We used to dream about living abroad.
2 WHILE SLEEPING (I, T) to have a dream while you are asleep
(+ about): I dreamt about you last night. | dream (that): It's quite common to dream that you're falling.
3 IMAGINE (I, T) to imagine that you have done, seen, or heard something that you have not: I was sure I posted the letter but I must have dreamt it.
4 wouldn't dream of (doing) sth spoken used to say that you would never do something because you do not approve of it or think it is unpleasant: We wouldn't dream of letting our daughter go out on her own at night.
5 who would have dreamt it? spoken used to express surprise about something that has happened: “Did you hear that Bruno's been made Managing Director?” “Yes, who would have dreamt it?”
dream sth away phrasal verb (T) to waste time by thinking about what may happen: She would just sit in her room dreaming away the hours. dream on phrasal verb (I) spoken dream on! used to tell someone that they are hoping for something that will not happen: You think I'm going to help you move house? Dream on! dream sth up (T) to think of a plan or idea, especially an unusual one: Who on earth dreams up the plots for these soap operas?

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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